4 ways to increase your productivity

Putting more and more hours into our work can often effect our productivity. Managing your energy and not your time helps to make these extra hours far more beneficial.


Here are some tips to help you keep on going and getting the best out of those extra hours.


1. Schedule your work according to how much energy you have.
Make sure you know when your energy and emotions are effecting your performance. Usually the mornings are when most people have the most energy, so schedule any harder or creative tasks for the morning. Do any easier tasks later on in the day when your energy is lower.


2. Take short breaks
Make sure you take short breaks between periods of focused work. Making sure you are aware of your energy levels and taking time out when your need to helps to regain focus and increase productivity. Even a small break for 2 minutes can help increase your productivity and keep you going.


take time out


3. Make sure you have a good nights sleep the night before.
Making sure you get no less than 7 hours sleep every night. You might think that putting in extra hours instead of spending your time sleeping will get you a head, this is not the case. If you don't get enough sleep you might get a couple of extra hours work in at the time, but the rest of the next day will become much harder. You will have less energy and become less focused through the next days tasks.


Making sure that you don't work for an hour or two before you go to bed helps your mind and body to relax and get the most of your nights sleep. Working too late and too soon before your go to bed can result in sleepless nights as you haven't given yourself enough time to calm down before trying to get to sleep. You can get up earlier knowing that you have had a good seven hours of good quality sleep to help you get through the day.


4. Focus on one thing at a time.
Trying to do too many tasks at once means your thoughts are divided and you are not doing each task with your full potential. Making sure you only do one task at a time no matter how busy you are. This helps to make sure you are fully focused on each task and helps you to avoid making mistakes from being too busy.


Do you have any ways that you boost your productivity? Please let us know in the comments below:


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