5 reasons your website needs to be responsive to grow your business

 Here are some reasons that your company website needs to be responsive:


1. One website, multiple devices

Usually the closest device to hand is your mobile phone. If you need to search for something on Google when you are out and about,  you will probably use your phone.


When you get home you might want to look up the same thing on your computer.


Having one website that adapts to all devices means that the website looks and works similar on all devices. This helps the user get familiar with your website and not get frustrated trying to find things of your website that are easy to get to on one device but not on others.


2 Recommended by Google

Google favors mobile-optimized sites when presenting results for searches made on a mobile device. Also having a responsive website will help you to get higher rankings on all devices as Google will recognize your website as being better quality than the sites that are not responsive.


3. Easier to manage

Having a separate desktop and mobile website means having separate SEO campaigns, Analytics reports etc, having two websites causes twice as much work as one responsive website.


4. Social media brings mobile visitors

Because of all of the social media Apps on smart phones,  if you are using social media to market your business it is likely that this will bring in a lot of mobile visitors to your website. 


facebook app


If your users are familiar with using Apps, it’s usually a good idea to make your website become more app like in appearance to help the flow of the users experience.


5. Responsive is here to stay.

A well built responsive website is not only designed for current and past devices, it is also made to adapt to any future devices. This will help to extend the life of your website and prevent it becoming out of date too soon.


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