5 SEO tips of the week

1. Write a title for each page that is both descriptive and unique.
Make the topic of you page clear to both search engines and humans. Also try to keep in within 55 Characters.


2. Before optimising for keywords make sure you research them.
What you think people will be searching for may be different to what people are actually searching for. Make sure you research what keywords people are using and their competition.


3. Use a keyword tool.
To find out what keywords people are using in their online searches you need to use a tool such as the Google Keyword tool. This tool also shows what competition your chosen keywords have with other competitors trying to reach the top of the search engine ranks for those words. For best results aim for the keywords with high search engine traffic and low competition, this will help you to climb the search engine ranks faster.




4. Write a meta description that is both unique and descriptive for every page.
Urge people to click on your page instead of clicking on your competitors website by using a unique and descriptive meta description for each page. Try to keep this within 160 characters.


5. Spend time marketing your content as well as creating it.
Creating content is great but if no one can find it they will not be able to link to it or share it.


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