6 Front End Web Development Trends of the Future

Here is a list of what Web Design Leicester feel will be the front end web development trends of the future. 


1. Scrolling 

Our websites now have to adapt to more devices than ever before and it is becoming  common to scroll through long web pages.


On mobile devices it tends to be far easier to scroll than it is to click on a precise target. Using effects such as parallax scrolling on larger desktop screens can give the user a more memorable experience of the website.


As devices become smaller and the content has to fit on extremely small screens, it becomes more and more difficult to avoid scrolling.



2. Responsive Website design

It is important to make sure your website adapts to any screen size in modern website design. Users should be able to see the main content of your website without zooming or scrolling horizontally.


Having one website that adapts to all screen sizes helps to achieve maximum usability for users, improving the overall user experience for you website.


As websites are now often built with a mobile first design, they are becoming more app like in appearance. Larger buttons and clickable areas to increase usability are becoming the norm. 


3. Background Videos

Adding full screen background videos to websites is becoming more realistic as broadband speeds are getting faster. Adding a video to a 

website can give a lot more impact and is also a great way to help pack 

in a lot of content in to a minimal space.


4. Animation is back

Flat design can end up looking too consistent and bland. Adding animation to a website helps it to stand out, creates more interest for the user and fits more information into less space.


CSS3 allows web developers to create anything from simple animation through to 3D transitions and effects with ease.



5. Web GL and 3D experiences

As browsers continue to increase in speed and capability, new web technologies such as WebGL will be more widely used. Websites will feature more interactive 3D experiences, such as online games and interactive virtual tours.


6. Huge Background Images

Full screen background images with rich typography are becoming a popular design choice. Large images help to prevent clean minimalistic designs becoming too bland. Along with subtle parallax effects, these large background images can give a 3D feel to a website.






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