7 quick tips for a better website

Here are some quick checks you can do to make sure your website is reaching it's full potential.


1. Clear contact information.

Make sure that your contact details can be found easily or your contact form is easy to use. Also make sure that any contact information on your website is clear and easy to read.


2. Make sure that your menu is not too cluttered.

There's nothing worse than a menu that is confusing and hard to navigate around. A menu should be easy to use and let the visitors to your website easily fond what they are looking for in one or two clicks.


3. Make sure you have an about us page.

Let people know what you do and who you are, let them get to know you and gain your trust.


4. Use big bold images.

Capture the attention of your website users by making sure you have great imagery on your website. You can use photos of recent projects you have been working on or even photos of the local area.


5. Make your website mobile friendly.

With most people using their phones to now browse the internet as they are often the closest device to hand, you need to make sure that your website looks great on mobile devices. If a user struggles to use your website because it is harder to use on a phone than one of your competitors websites (who have optimized their website for phones), the likelihood is they will just use your competitors website as it will be a far more enjoyable experience.








6. Add testimonials.

Ask your customers if they can give you a testimonial for your website. Nothing you write yourself about your company will ever show how good your company is more than a genuine customer review.


7. Get the point across. 

What is your websites main goal? Make sure your websites main focus is obvious. Make sure it's not too deeply hidden in lots of industry based jargon that make it too difficult for anyone to understand.


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