Changing direction

Companies often undergo periods of major change and transformation to survive their evolving industry. But how do you know when it’s time to change and what to refocus your efforts on?


Here are a few tips to help keep your finger on the pulse in your industry:


1. Know your business inside out.

If you know your business and industry inside out, making a major change in direction will gradually become obvious over time and not happen over night. By evaluating your business regularly and keeping yourself up to date with your industries trends, you’ll be aware of how well your business is doing at any particular time and know if you are starting to fall behind. This will give you an early warning and time to prepare for changes within your industry.


2. Plan

To help eliminate risks once you have decided it is time to change make sure you plan your businesses future carefully. Try to imagine what your future success will look like and work towards that. What will make your business stand out from your competitors? What steps will you take to get you to help you reach your goals?


3. Reduce the risks

Give your new business model a test run. This will help you test the water and help you decide if the new direction is the right one for your business. Try your best to know as quickly as possible if your new direction is a worth while investment.


4. Communicate with your team

Moving in a new direction will need a lot of organization. Make sure everyone in your team is clear on what to do and where the business is heading. The last thing you need when changing direction is confusion within your company. Make sure that your team is in a strong position to drive the business forward.


When have you had to make a change in direction? Let us know in the comments below!


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