Choosing the right business idea

Sometimes you can have many business ideas. Too many in fact. When this happens it can be easy to get excited about each idea and not know what one to pick. If you try and do more than one at a time at the beginning, your concentration will be divided between them and you will not be able to give any of them 100%.


So pick one idea, either pick the one that most appeals to you, or flip a coin. Spend two weeks on that idea and see how you feel after those two weeks ask yourself, are you still excited about the idea? Has the idea shown any weaknesses in those two weeks? If you feel that the idea could still take off and your still excited about moving on with that particular business, then keep going with that idea.




If after the two weeks you have found a few floors in the idea, or for some reason that business no longer feels right for you, shelve it and move on to the next one. Eventually you will find the right one for you. 


Doing this will help stop you getting two caught up in your ideas, help you focus and help you to stop wasting time. You will also gain experience from trying each one out and get a good feel for what works. This will help with your decision making when you do eventually find the right business idea.


What ideas are you going to make into a reality? Let us know in the comments below:


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