Choosing the right website package

What website package is best for you? 

Choosing the right website package can sometimes be a difficult decision to make.


If your just starting out with your business you may be looking for a brochure website or something cheap to get you all set up with a web presence.


Brochure websites are great for getting you started. They give your business visibility on the web, allowing you to showcase to the world what your business offers.


Brochure websites can be limiting though. Often cheaper brochure websites have no content management system in place that allows you to update your site often. Because of this you may find when you business grows, you end up paying someone with website building knowledge to do the updates for you.


This is where a CMS website comes in to play. By having a content management system (CMS) integrated in to your site, you’ll be able to easily update your website with more content, pages, images, videos and much more. Infant anything on a CMS website can be made to be updatable through the back end system, even the page layouts themselves.


This allows you to keep your website up to date and looking fresh, with new content being added regularly to your website your website will be more search engine friendly. Having a more search engine friendly website means that your business will be far more visible on the web to potential customers.


If your business is selling products you may wish to have an online store. This is a fantastic way to potentially gain many new customers across the globe.



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