Drive traffic to your website

Making sure that your website is getting traffic is crucial in gaining online sales and growing your business.


Here are some easy ways to help you start driving traffic to your website:


1. Add links to your website from your social media profiles

Make sure that you don’t forget to add your website to your profile then adding your profile information.


2. Promote your website through social media

Publish your blogs and website content, along with links to your website on your social media feeds. The more interesting your websites content is the more likely it is that social media users will visit your website.


3. Optimise the SEO on your website.

Make sure that your website is properly optimized for the search engines to that you are visible in the search results.


4. Paid search advertising

Making your website visible online with standard onsite and off site SEO can take a lot of time and work. While you are building this up try using paid search advertising. This will help you to not miss out on any traffic while your website climbs up the search results.


5. Paid social media Advertising

Paid social media advertising is also a good way of generating traffic to your website while you are building on your websites SEO.


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