Finding business ideas within an industry

Sometimes you may know what industry you would like to enter, but finding an idea to make into a business and enter that industry can sometimes prove difficult and frustrating. Especially if you have not much experience in that industry.


If you don’t have a lot of experience in the industry you are looking to enter, the first thing to do is to research as much as you can about the industry. See if you can find something that appeals to you. If you find anything you can then start to move forward and start to look into what is needed to make your idea happen.




Look around at the businesses in that industry that are in your area and then look at similar businesses in other areas and compare them. Is there a business in another area that is thriving because of their niche? Maybe you could bring this to your town or city. Or is there something that is doing incredibly well in your town or city that you could bring to somewhere else?


Maybe there is already a great business that isn’t doing very well because it is in the wrong location. Could you move this business to a good location and make it thrive? Or perhaps start a new business of that type in a better location.


Meet as many people in the industry you have chosen as you can and spend time with them. This will help you learn faster and help you get an insight into what you would like to do. Find out what niche you would like to enter in that business and then find people in that niche and spend time with them.


What industry are you looking to enter into and why? lLet us know in the comments below:


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