Finding the right idea to start a business

When trying to find the right idea to start a business, there are a two main things to bear in mind. What it is you would like to achieve from it and how your customers will benefit from the idea.


One of the keys to success is making sure that the excitement of your ideas and dreams out weigh the fears you have of failing at it. You need to find something that will keep you excited even in the toughest moments to help you carry on and win. If your idea doesn’t make you excited. It’s probably the wrong idea for you.


First you need to know what you would like to achieve. To find out what it is you yourself are looking for and ask yourself some questions. What sort of life style would you like at the end of it? What do you enjoy? What are you good at?


One of the best ways to find the answers to these questions is to work backwards. Lets say that you had an idea that made you successful. You have now earned your millions, what will you be doing? Are you chilling out by the beach traveling round the world? Or are you crafting your next work of art in the comfort of your own home? Think about what would make you happy at the most successful time and work towards that.


If you want to be sitting on a beach with the freedom to travel, you wouldn’t want to be trapped having to manage a factory with no freedom. However if it’s the craftsmanship and the skill that make you happy this may be just right. You may get a great buzz from seeing your next product created, you may even have a workshop near or at your own home. Figure out where you would like to be in future to be happy, work backwards from that and try to work out how to achieve it.Build a system to create your ideal life.


Another thing that often makes us put up barriers in front of our dreams is the thought of failure. Try removing this thought and any negativity by asking yourself the question, if you couldn’t fail what would you do? Asking yourself this gives you the permission to think about jobs that you wouldn’t normally think about, things that might actually work if you gave them more thought before putting up any barriers.






What are you good at? Sometimes the things we are good and are already doing for free are great business ideas. If you have a hobby that you enjoy, could you turn this into a business?


If you don’t have a hobby or a skill that you can make into a business you may be better suited to something like a product based business. Selling products online might be a great way for you to start a business.


Once you have found what will make you happy and drive you, it’s time to think about your customers. Ask yourself these questions:


Who will you be targeting? You will need to find out who will want what your services will offer.


What are their biggest frustrations? If you don’t know, find out. Ask people who would like to the product or service you offer and ask them.


If you know what your customers frustrations are, you can then use this as your selling point. Make sure that your product or service eliminates these frustrations for your customers.


What are your customers biggest dreams for the product or service you offer? Make sure you deliver to their biggest expectations. Could you deliver beyond their expectations? Once you know what your customers really want, you can start to execute your idea and push these points in your advertising campaigns.


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