Five ways to be visible online


Making sure that your business is visible can be vital to its survival. Keeping your business visible online is a great way to achieve this with a large online audience.


1. First and foremost you'll need a website. Even if it's just a small brochure website just to get you started. 


2. Optimise your site for search engines.


You will need to pick some well thought out keywords that your customers will search for in the search engines and optimise your website for those.


Make sure the competition for your keywords is as low as possible without missing out on search traffic.


Picking keywords with less competition but high search traffic allows you to get to the top of Google easier and still get the traffic to your site. You can use the google keyword tool to help you find the best keywords:


3. Use paid advertising as well as on site SEO.


On site seo and back link building can  take a while to take effect, however it is more efficient and cost effective in the long term. 


In the short term while your SEO takes effect you can stop yourself missing out by using paid advertising on search engines.


4. Use social media.



Social media is a great way to get your business seen and get your website more traffic. It is also a great advertising tool. 


You can even bring more traffic to your website using the paid advertising on social networks while your SEO starts to takes effect.


5. Do you know someone with their own website? Do they get lots of traffic to their website? You could ask them for a mention on their website. Putting a link from their site to yours not only helps drive their traffic to your website, it also helps your websites SEO. A well established website that links to your website looks good to search engines.

What do you do to stay visible online? We'd like to hear your methods in the comments below.


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