How to Market your business on a tight budget

Many people get put off starting a business as they don’t have the money to spend on marketing, however there are ways to market a business without having a large marketing budget.


One of the keys to successful marketing is to market your business in the same places frequently. Often it takes a person up to seven times to see an advert before they take any notice of it. More often than not short bursts of splashing out on expensive advertising followed by periods with no advertising fail. To be able to keep your marketing sustainable and be able to build a relationship with your customers it needs to be affordable and manageable.


1. Social media.

Social media is a great way to market your business to lots of potential customers frequently for free. Make sure that you stand out from your competitors on social networks such as twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Build on your social audience and over time it will become a valuable asset. Social media is a really important marketing tool to even the biggest companies and it’s free.


2. Referral Partnerships

Develop referral partnerships with companies that share your target audience. Ask yourself, What other businesses come in to contact with your customers? Start building relationships with these companies and offer a flat fee per deal or a percentage of the sale of any work/customers they can forward on to you.


3. Engage with your current customers.

It’s often far easier to sell to existing customers than it is to gain new ones. Keep in contact with your customers regularly and keep your company in their mind.


Existing customers may be likely to know someone similar who may also be interested in your product or service. Maybe you could approach your current customers with an offer for your products or services if they manage to spread the word and manage to find a new customer for you. This turns your current customers into your very own sales team.


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