How to start a business from nothing

Every business that succeeds starts from a passion or drive. Work fills a large part of your life, so to be truly satisfied do what you believe in. If it's not fun don't do it, you only live once.


Here are some important things to keep in mind when starting out with nothing:


1. What do you want to achieve
Think of where you want to be in the next ten years. Where would you like to be? In a quiet office? Out on the road? Work out what is your ideal lifestyle and work towards that. If you like a life of adventure an office lifestyle may not be for you, however if your looking for a quiet chilled out life style that may be ideal. Work out what you want in life first and go for it.


2. Set an achievable goal.
Setting your goals too high can sometimes do more damage than good. To succeed goals have to be achievable. Make sure you keep your goals manageable, set day to day targets rather than huge hard to achieve ones. Sometimes working backwards helps. Where do you want to be in six moths time? Write a list of smaller achievable goals that make this do able and work towards it.


3. Research your target market
Knowing what your competition knows will not always cut it. Make sure you are an expert in your target market. Ask your self what can you offer that your competitors don't? Make sure that you keep ahead of the game.


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4. Create shareable content
Do you have a website? If you do make your website have shareable content. If you haven't already create a blog and share your content, this will help bring traffic to your website and help your google rankings.


5. Build up an email list
Once you have your website, try and find ways of gaining an email list from it. An email list is a valuable tool for internet marketing.


6. Launch a product you can sell
Can your product sell? Have you had a test run to see if it is a product or service? If not try it out first before you go too far ahead. You need to have full confidence in your product before you go full steam ahead. If your first trial doesn't work out, try again with something else. Learn as much as you can from your failures and you will gain an instinct for what works.


6. Do it
Many people have fantastic ideas but never go ahead and start them. If you have an idea, for it and start NOW. If it doesn't work you will have gained valuable experience from it and this will help you in future. As Richard Bransons famous quote says "Screw it, just do it".



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