How to survive as a start up

Starting a new business can be hard mentally and physically. Staying focused on your goals while dealing with unforseen problems can be a hard task. Keeping focused is key in being a successful start up.


Start small and scale up
Aiming high and working backwards to achieve your goals certainly does help towards achieving greater things. However you must also keep a close eye on the smaller things. If you don't take care of the small things, you'll find it hard to tae control of the big things.


Stay focused and focus on the smaller things to begin with to make sure your foundations for the business are right. It's no good trying to build castles in the sand. Make sure you can get a steady stream of revenue and a good customer base first. Once you have that in place you can move forward with confidence.


Find what makes you unique
Make sure you have a unique selling point. Ask yourself the question, what makes you stand out from anyone else? If you don't already have the answer maybe you should be asking yourself, how can I disrupt this industry? Disrupting an industry to benefit customers will help your business stand out from the rest.


Identify a solution that solves a problem
To be able to sell and market your product successfully you need to help your customers. What are the problems your customers are facing and how will buying your product solve these issues? Make sure you stay focused on what your customers need.


Keep your customers
The most valuable asset for your company is happy customers. It can take years to build a good customer relationship but it can take one minute to ruin it. Stay focused on keeping your customers happy.


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