How to turn your ideas into a successful business

People come up with business ideas all of the time, however most of those ideas do not become a reality. They get forgotten about and they never see the light of day.


Every good business starts off as just an idea. McDonald's, Coca cola, Pixar and apple, they all started off at this stage. So if you have an idea, you are at the stage where all these great companies have been. The only thing that separates just a single person with the idea to one of these companies is the execution of that idea.


You need to make sure that you do something about it. Make your idea happen. Even if it’s little steps each day, make sure that you do something to move that idea forward each day, and do lots of it.


Share your idea with as many people as possible, get their views, opinions and feed back. Get to know who you will be selling to. Ask yourself “How will you get your idea to your customers”. This will help you get a direction, find your niche. You can then start building on your branding to target those customers with your unique selling point. Start getting the word out there to as many people as possible. Having a great idea and a great brand means nothing if you are not visible. Make yourself as visible as possible to your customers as often as possible. Branding is important but not as important as the execution itself.


Make sure you know your business in great detail before you start. The idea is important but overall it is the execution that is essential. If you know your business inside out, you know who your customers are and how you will sell to them in great detail you will speed up the process and reduce the amount of mistakes that you will make.







Be aware that making mistakes is inevitable. You will make lots of them. Mistakes are not the end of the world, they are just part of the process of learning and finding you feet.It is find to make mistakes, however try your best to avoid making them when you can, this will help speed up the process. There are a few things that you can do to help you avoid mistakes, for example: getting to know someone with experience in the field you are looking to move into will give you a great insight into what to expect. Getting to know what mistakes they have made will help you to avoid those same mistakes. Find out what they have done to over come these mistakes, or ask yourself what you would do in that situation and have a plan ready to help you to avoid those mistakes.


When starting out sometimes you may come across decisions that you are not sure what choice to make, just do what feels right. If you do what feels right it will make sure that you keep feeling good about the company and it will turn the company into one that you would like to run.


When have you had an idea that you turned into a reality? Please let us know in the comments section below:


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