Mastering your personal brand

1. Define your brand in a mission statement

Get your purpose across quickly with a short mission statement and make people understand your visions, values and beliefs fast.


2. Create a signature style for your brand

Make sure your brand stands out and people recognise who you are from your style.


3. Create an "elevator pitch" first impression

Prepare yourself to make good impressions. Develop an elevator pitch that gets across what you do, whilst being punchy and memorable for when you meet people.


4. Own your brand online

To master your online branding you need to have a website and own the domain. Your website can be simple at first and be added to later, once things have built up. Owning your own website and domain gives you the ability to keep control of your reputation and image.


5. Share knowledge through online marketing

Don't make all of your marketing completely about promoting yourself, help other people. If you can help people, you have a good business. Sharing your knowledge will help you to gain a relationship with clients and give your brand credibility.


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