Mistakes to avoid when building your online brand


1. You forget to Google yourself.

Google is one of the main ways that people will find your business. Have you googled yourself lately? Are you appearing in the search results?
Make sure that you appear high in the search results to give your business the edge against competitors.


2. You forget to proofread your content.

Make sure that you proofread the content that you place online. Make sure your spelling and grammar are correct. Publishing content that has errors in it makes your business look sloppy and will reflect badly.


3. You forget to send out a clear message

Make sure that your marketing strategies are clear. Using too much industry jargon can thin down the message you are trying to get across.


4. You don't get help with your website

A good website takes a lot of experience to build. Getting the right person with the right experience to build your website can help you get the most out of it. Your website can be built to help your sales strategy and optimised for the search engines.


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