More tips on SEO

Here are some more useful tips to help your website rank higher on search engine results.


1. It takes time for search engines to establish trust and build authority for your website. If your website is newer than your competitors it will take time to out rank older more established sites.


2. You should always be adding more content to your website if you want to attract more visitors and make more sales. Never consider your website to be finished, keep adding content and improving on it.


3. As search engines evolve over time, you’ll need to keep up with their algorithm updates.


4. Search engines have evolved beyond the point of needing to be directly notified when a new website, or page on a website is created. You don’t need to directly submit your website to search engines for it to get picked up.


5. Getting advice from google is a great way to help your SEO. You can do this via their Webmaster Guidelines and Webmaster Help Videos


6. Don’t risk getting Google penalties! These penalties can result in a huge loss of visitors to your website and can have long term effects.


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