Proven ways to grow your business on a tight budget

1. Get growth from your current customers

It is far easier to get work from current customers than to try and gain new ones. These current customers can also be your best sales force. Ask them to spread the word of your company. You can also give them offers on their next purchase etc. If they manage to bring in more customers for you. If they have used your service and love it they will quite happily spread the word for you. New customers will be more likely to trust someone who has benefited from your service than an obvious sales person contacting them.


2. Educate customers
Create a loyal customer base by solving your potential customers problems and educating potential customers before they are at the buying stage. A great way to do this is to start an informative blog on your website or you can also use social media and news letters.


3. E-commerce
If you are in the retail industry, the cheapest way to grow your business is to all online. Having an online store allows millions of potential customers access to your products. This will allow you to expand and sell to anyone around the world with very little cost.


4. Build an email list
Make sure you keep a list of emails from past clients and anyone you may know. You never know where the next sales lead may come from, more often than not it will probably come from the more distant contacts as these people will be in contact with a lot of people you may not be. As with the six degrees of separation, you are probably only six or fewer connections away from knowing anyone you want to.



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