SEO tips

Here are a few more things you can do to help improve your websites SEO


Don’t forget other search engines. Google is a great source for website traffic, but keep an eye on your rankings for other search engines to make sure you don’t miss out on any potential traffic. 


Setting up a Google+ page is a great way to build up your websites trust with Google, it also helps to improve rankings for localized keywords.


Search engines will not remove a penalty on the based on the fact that you were not aware of the specifics of the SEO on your website. You are responsible for the SEO on your website so research and avoid the penalties.


Google analytics is great to help you know how well you are doing on the SEO on your website. It shows you how many visitors your site gets, what pages they visit on your website and the keywords they are using.


Use online tools to analyze your SEO. There are many online tools out there, try setting up and using the Google search console to research what keywords your website is ranking for and what other sites are linking to yours.


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