Six Keys of Professional Selling

1. Business Knowledge

You must be up to date with the overall business climate, both at home and overseas. Watching television, listening to the radio reading trade magazines and newspapers will help boost your knowledge of the current business climate.


2. Industry Knowledge

You must be fully informed of the industry that you are part of. Be familiar with your competitors products, prices and positioning. Keep up to date with your competitors main selling points and new product releases.


3. Company Knowledge

You must be a good ambassador for your company. You should know your company inside out and not be unsure of prices, schedules and company policies.


4. Product knowledge

This may seem obvious, however it's surprising how many people there are who do not know their product inside out. Be prepared for customer questions. There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than a sales person who is ignorant about the companies products.


5. Selling Knowledge

Keep learning and improving on your sales knowledge, skills and techniques. Try not to slip into the comfort zone of using just one technique. Trends change and these techniques may not work forever. Make sure you keep a head with your knowledge.


6. Attitude

Keep a positive pro-active attitude. Make sure that you get things done efficiently and effectively. Make sure that your are keeping your business knowledge, industry knowledge, company knowledge, product knowledge and selling knowledge all up to date.


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