Small steps make greater progress


When you have an great idea, goal or dream it is easy to become frustrated when it doesn't happen right away.


If your goals are huge, the pressure that you put on yourself to achieve those goals can also become huge. It puts a great strain on your emotions, patience and health, effecting your concentration and efficiency in achieving these goals.


The key is to dream big and take small steps.


Rome wasn't built in a day, breaking everything down into small easier to achieve steps will help you to achieve your goals far more easily. It prevents you from setting yourself unrealistic and unmanageable targets that can drain your energy and enthusiasm, while keeping you excited and focused about achieving the next stage of your adventure.



Taking small manageable steps will keep you focused on one thing at a time, rather than focusing on many tasks at once. It will help you give every task 100% of your concentration, making you much more efficient in reaching your goals.


Make a habit of writing down a list of achievable tasks to complete the next day. This will ensure that you keep making progress everyday.


"Whoever wants to reach a distant goal must take small steps." - Saul Bellow



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