Surviving the quiet business periods

There comes a time of year for every business when things become more quiet. Making the most of this time effectively will help you survive and thrive for the rest of the year.


Here are some things you can do to help your business in the quiet periods.


1. Catch Up
At busy times of year it can be very easy to fall behind with other smaller but still important tasks. Use this time to catch up on any jobs you may have been putting off and get back of your feet ready for the next busy period. Job such as chasing unpaid invoices etc are very important but can be left almost forgotten about in busy times. The money from these will help you through the quiet periods.


2. Improve your business
Use this time to take a step back and look at what you could do to improve your business. Maybe work on the branding or update your website to keep things up to date. Using this time to work on your business will help you keep ahead of your competitors. Are your competitors doing something that you haven't had time to set up yet? Use this time to make sure you are ahead of the game.


3. Marketing
Make sure you don't stop marketing. Look into starting new marketing campaigns. Keep your social media pages updated regularly. If you have time write extra blogs, you can then post these on your website and social media feeds in future when you won't have time to do so. This will help keep your online advertising going strong when you struggle to find the time for in the busy periods. This will help keep the incoming work more consistent all year.


4. Prepare yourself for busier times.
Try to make sure your are as ready as possible to handle the busy periods with ease. Look into what systems/procedures you can put in place now to help you handle things in the future.


5. Take time off
If you have caught up and are happy with how prepared you are for the future, take some time off. It's good to take time away from work to recharge. You will come back to work with more energy and enthusiasm. You will need this energy when things do pick up.


What do you do in the quiet periods? Let us know in the comments below:


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