Things to eliminate from your daily routine

Using you phone or tablet in bed

We have all experienced the disastrous effects a poor night's sleep has on the next day's productivity. Using your phone or tablet just before you go to bed harms the quality of your sleep. Research as shown that looking at the blue and white light emitted from digital screens prevents your brain from releasing the hormone melatonin, which is the hormone that tells your body it's time to sleep.


Saying yes when you should say no
It's good to be positive and say yes to things, however it is also good to have the self control to say no. Saying yes to some things can sometimes bring more harm than good. Make sure that you identify and say no to things that will stop your progression or hold you back. People who have difficulty saying no to these things, are more likely to experience stress, burnout and even depression.


Multi tasking
No matter how good you think you are at multi tasking, you will still be doing each task at a fraction of your ability. Make sure that you focus on each task fully with all of your concentration. This will make you far more efficient and you will carry out all your tasks more effectively than attempting to do a few at once.


Hitting the snooze button
Stop hitting the snooze button! Make sure you go to bed early the night before and get a good nights sleep so that you can get up and make an early start in the morning. Getting an early start will help you to keep a head of your days tasks and not fall behind.


Leaving your most important work until last
Write a list of your next days tasks in priority order. Sometimes things can take longer to complete that we thing, leaving the important tasks until last will run the risks of not getting these completed. Doing these important tasks first helps you to makes sure that they get done before the end of the day.


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