This weeks SEO tips

Here are this weeks top SEO tips:


1. Backlinks

Build up backinks to your website. Getting backlinks to your website shows the search engines that other websites value your websites content. If you can proove to the search engings your content is good, you should get a high rank on search results.


2. Get trust worthy backlinks
Make sure that the backlinks that you get to your website are from good quality websites.


3. Backlinks with keywords
Where ever you can make sure that the backlinks to your website have the keyworks that your want to rank for as the link text. This will help to show the search engines what the main focus of your website is.


4. Backlinks from different IP addresses
Try and get various IP addresses with backlinks to your website. The more IP addresses that link to your website shows the search engine that it is infact many users that are linking to your website, not just all the websites from one server.


5. Backlinks to all pages you would like to rank high in search results
Getting backlinks to the homepage of your website is fairly obvious, however if you are trying to get other pages of your website to rank highly for other keywords make sure that your get backlinks to the too.


6. Know your backlinks
Make sure that you keep track of your backlinks and know how many you are getting. there are various online tools that can help you to know what backlinks your have and what ones are working for you.


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