This weeks top 5 SEO Tips

1. Add social media Share/like buttons to your website

Make it as easy as possible for people to like and share your website. The easier you make sharing and liking your site the more likely people will like and share your website.


2. Make your website easy to navigate

Any page of your website should be accessible within 3 clicks from your homepage. Make sure the content people are looking for is easy to find so people stay on your website. Websites with low bounce rates show the search engines that your website is interesting and has value for your visitors.


3. Promote other peoples social media content as well as your own.

People notice if you try and help them to promote their content on social media platforms and they will more than likely return the favour. Help other people and they will help you.


4. Ask customers to leave reviews of your services.

Positive reviews on Google+ and other directories can improve your rankings in the search results. Getting positive feed back in the Google business listings shows Google that your business is a good business.


5. Social media isn't a replacement for other SEO

You cannot rely on social media alone to rank high on search engines. Social media definitely helps, however it should run along side your other SEO strategies


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