This Weeks top 5 SEO tips

1. Optimise your images.

Make sure your image files are small enough to not increase your websites load time, but are large enough to not reduce the quality of the image. Make sure that you optimise these for SEO by using keywords in the image file names and alt tags.


2. 301 redirects

Make sure that when you change a URL of a page on your website make sure the old URL redirects to the new one. Any links that link back to the old page will be wasted.


3. Browser compatibility

Make sure that your website works well in Google Chrome, Safari and IE. Also check that your website works well on different screen resolutions/sizes.


4. Make sure that your website has a 404 page.

Set up a 404 page to display when a page no longer exists. Making sure you have links to your best content on your 404 page will help to prevent leaving your website even when the page has not been found.


5. Keep up to date with new SEO trends

Search engines are always changing and developing their search algorithms. Make sure that you research and keep up to date with these trends to make sure that any changes they make will not have a negative effect on your SEO.


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