This weeks top SEO tips

Here are this weeks top tips to help you get your website noticed by the search engines:


1. Look at what your competitors are doing

Getting keyword ideas from your competitors is a great way to help you to get insight into what keywords may work best. If your competitors have spend a lot of time optimizing their website for certain keywords and they seem to be getting success from online sales save yourself time and effort and copy other successful online businesses.


2. Write a unique and descriptive title for all of your websites pages.

Make sure you make the topic of your page clear for both search engines and human visitors. Also keep it within 55 characters in length.


3. Make sure you use Googles keyword tool to help you decide on the best keywords for you.

Googles keyword tool provides you with the best list of words and phases that you supply it with. It also shows you how competitive your keywords are and how many searches they get per month.


4. Make sure you write a descriptive meta description for each page.

You will need to describe what your page is about within 55 characters, while still wording it in a way that will persuade users to visit your website rather than the other websites listed in the search results.


5. Before you optimize your website you must research your keywords.

Help reduce the odds and create more sales by making sure you choose keywords that your users will search for. Choosing the wrong keywords will effect how many visitors your website gets regardless of any on site and off site SEO.


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