Tips on building an Easy to use website

As the web becomes more competitive, with more and more websites striving to gain high search engine ranks. It is becoming more important than ever to make websites user friendly. With the vast quantity of content available online, if your website is not carefully planned and is difficult for the user to navigate around they are likely loose their interest and move on to a more easy to use site.


Here are some tips from Web Design Leicester.


1.    Fonts and clear text


The choice of fonts used on your website is very important. Content makes up the majority of your site, especially if your site is optimised for SEO. Make sure your font is easy to read.


If your font is not clear enough or large enough, the user may find it hard to read the content your have spent hours putting together and move on to another site. 


If you feel your website looks best with a smaller font and do not wish to increase the size, features to allow the user to increase the size themselves may be worth adding to your site. These can be less destructive to the design. 


2. Clear navigation


Having a clear way to navigate around your site is essential to keep people on your site. If they spend more time looking for content than they do reading it you should think about redesigning your sites navigation. Ideally the user should be able to find what they are looking for within one or two clicks.


Mobile navigation is becoming the new desktop navigation. 


As mobile websites are generally optimised for easy use with limited screen sizes, the navigation on these sites are usually the clearest and easiest to use. This has resulted in many desktop sites using mobile style menus to keep things clear for the user. This also helps to keep the consistency between the mobile and desktop versions, helping to keep the user familiar with your site whatever version they happen to be using at any one time.


3.    Mobile friendly design 


Keeping your website clear and consistent on all devices is also essential to keeping users visiting your website.  Your website may look amazing on a desktop computer, but if it hasn’t been optimised for mobile devices the user may have a hard time using it on their phone or tablet.


4.    Clear big buttons that can be easy to click on mobile devices.


As there is limited space on mobile devices, it is important to make sure buttons are large enough to click on and that they are not placed too close to other buttons nearby.  If the buttons or links are placed too close together on a websites mobile navigation it can be a nightmare for the user to use. So keep them large enough to click on smaller devices and away from nearby buttons and links.


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