Top 5 SEO tips of the week

1. Back up your website regularly


If your website goes down and a search engine happens to crawl your website and finds it that your site isn't there, this will negatively effect your rankings. Search engines like reliable websites and they quickly remove sites that don't load in their results.


2. Make sure your website loads quickly

Search engines like reliable websites, so making sure that your website loads quickly will help to make the search engines like your website and rank it higher in the results.


3. Make your website is responsive

Search engines like mobile friendly websites. Most people use their phones to browse the web in their busy lives these days. Making your website responsive shows the search engines that your website is user friendly.


4. Use H1 and H2 tags in your website

Make sure that you include variations of your keyword phrases in a pages header tags. THese tags help to let the search engines know what your page is about.

5. Make sure that your urls are clear and simple

People should be able to know what the topic of the page is by the pages URL


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