Top SEO tips for this week

Use or not both

Using both of the domains and to visit your site may effect your Google rankings. Picking just one will make sure that the search engines are clear on which one your website should be listed as on the search results, avoiding your site getting listed as both domains in the search results.

Aim to be in the top 3 of your search results

The first 3 results in the search engines tend to get the most views, ranking anywhere below this means you may be missing on potential traffic to your website. Pushing your SEO that little bit harder and get your site in to the top 3 will make a big difference.

Make sure your know where you are ranking at all times

Browsers can often cache data that you search in order to give you the best results. Clearing your cache will help make sure your seeing where you are actually ranking. You can also use various online tools to check where your website is ranking more accurately such as


A small business can still achieve high rankings

You don't have to have a huge business to achieve higher rankings, it's quite common for smaller businesses to out rank larger companies.


Search engines do not rank websites, they rank web pages

Make sure you use each page to target certain keywords per page. Don't optimise your entire website for a particular keyword. This may confuse the search engines on what your websites pages are about and prevent them ranking high for the keywords that are relevant to that page.



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