Top SEO tips for this week

1.Make sure that you interact with bloggers within your industry.

People within your industry are more likely to share your content and link to your website. This will help you get the backlinks and traffic to help boost your SEO.



2. Link to other relevant websites and blogs.

People will notice if you link to them, share and like their social media pages and posts. If you share and support them online, they are likely to return the favour.


3. Remove any unnecessary outbound links.

Make sure that you only link to sites that your visitors will find interesting.



4. Post comments on relevant websites and blogs.

Doing this builds relationships and trust with both the site owner and their visitors.



5. Try and build good relationships.

Try contacting other small businesses to try and build a good relationship where you both promote each others sites. This can make SEO a lot cheaper and easier for both you and them




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