Ways to expand your business locally

Here are some tips to help youexpand your business locally.


1. Local business directories.
Get listed on local business directories. With or without a website it will help you get more of a web presence and help you to be found on search engines.


2. Get a website
These days even people looking for local services search for them on the internet. It's often easier and more convenient to reach for you mobile phone and do a quick Google search than it is to look for services any other way. A quick search in Google often brings up more information about the local services in your area and allows you to visit their website and make an order in no time, without having to go out of the house. It also allows them to find a good deal without having to leave the house or ring up every service in the area. Make sure you optimise your websites keywords so that you appear in high in the search results. Also look at your competitors websites, make sure your site is more eye catching, easy to use and that the customer can get what they need from your website easily.


3. Create a Facebook page
Another way to get a web presence is to set up a Facebook page. Using your Facebook page to target the local community and gain a good following, you can keep it updated with all the latest news and offers from your website and help drive traffic to your site.


4. Keep you customers happy
Word tends to spread, if your customers are happy with your service they are likely to mention your name to others that they come into contact with. This builds your reputation and gets more people in the local area familiar with your company. Customers that rave about how great your service was for them are the best sales force. Their own positive experience will reassure any new customers that your service is the best in the area. You can often encourage this by offering a discount or offer to current customers who help spread to the word of your company.


5. Quality over quantity
Make sure that you have at least one fantastic service or product to offer. It's easy to try and offer as much as you can to customers, however focusing in one area and doing it extremely well will help make it stand out from other competitors. Your customers will more likely spread the word about one really great product than several mediocre ones.


6. Have a grand Opening/Reopening
If your opening your business or the first time, or just having a re-brand use it to get publicity. Use your website and social media feeds to attract people to the event. It may help attract new and old customers. Collect email/mailing addresses during the event to build up your customer list.


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