Ways to increase your productivity when you are tired

Working hard to achieve your goals can be exhausting. To avoid burn out it's sometimes a good idea to take time out and have a break to regain your energy levels. Sometimes there are times when you might not be able to have a break and you have to keep going.


Here are some tips to increase your productivity when you are tired:


1. Write a list
Write a list of all the tasks you need to do and complete the most important ones first. This will help make sure that you don't forget any important tasks and you get everything important done. Splitting the days tasks up in to a manageable list of smaller goals will also help to keep thing more achievable.


2. Take a break
A short 5 minute break every 50 minutes will help you regain your energy levels and concentration. You will feel more positive after a short break.


3. Don't get distracted
When your tired you can easily get distracted. Turn off your phone and try to avoid emails while you are concentrating on important tasks. A short distraction can often take up more of your time than your think, Once you have been disturbed it can sometimes take 5 - 10 minutes to get back into the task. Too many distractions can lead to a lot of wasted time.


4. Work in a new environment
Working in a new environment can help you to feel positive and help to boost creativity and concentration. Try working from a coffee shop for an hour.


5. Keep hydrated
Dehydration can cause fatigue. Make sure you stay hydrated to help you concentrate more.


6. Listen to new music
Listening to unfamiliar music has been shown to boost performance.


7. Work near a window
Natural light is associated with increased performance. Work near a window and open the blinds.


How do you keep going when you are tired? Let us know in the comments below:



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