Ways to learn faster

It can often be difficult to find the time learn new things in our busy lives. We have to make sure that we make the most out of what time we have and learn quickly.


Here are some techniques that will help you learn faster and make the most of your time.


1. Create a learning agenda

Make sure you plan a head and schedule in when and what you wish to learn. Making sure you are prepared will help you use the little time you do have to learn more efficiently.


2. Use multiple learning methods

Different learning methods use different parts of the brain, the more regions of the brain that store data about a subject the more interconnection there is. Using more than one method of learning can help us to retain more information.


3. Turn words into imagery

Studies have shown that associating a small piece of text with an image can help you to remember it easier.


4. Build up practical experience

Reading from books and researching is all very well. However nothing beats learning from practical experience. Reading about why you shouldn't do something is not as efficient as doing practical experience, making a mistake and learning from it. Learning what works and doesn't work is far easier and quicker to learn from experience.


5. Do one task at a time

Make sure you stay focused on one task and don't be tempted to multitask while learning. Keeping focused on one task will help you learn it faster and more efficiently.


6. Test yourself regularly

Make sure you test yourself regularly. This will help to reveal your strengths and weaknesses and show you what areas you need to work on.


7. Get plenty of sleep

Make sure that you get plenty of sleep the night before to help your concentration. If you haven't had enough sleep, it will be far harder for you to concentrate learn


What methods do you use to learn? Let us know in the comments below:


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