Web design mistakes to avoid

Here are a few tips on what not to do when building a website.


1. Unreadable text
Make sure the text on your website is clear. Try to avoid fonts that are difficult to read and also make sure that your text stands out enough from and background images or colours.


2. Poor quality graphics.
Make sure that all your graphics and images are of good quality. Nothing looks more amateurish than badly photoshopped, pixelated images. Bad images instantly lower the quality of your website. However make sure to keep file sizes as small as possible to help the loading speed of your website.


3. Spelling and grammar errors.
Avoid spelling and grammar errors. Make sure that you read through your content and double check for spelling mistakes.


4. Advertising
Adverts irritate visitors, and they make your site look less professional. Plus, depending on who you use for the ads, competitor adverts might be placed on your site.


5. Complicated navigation menus
Make sure that your navigation menus are clearly layer out. Also make sure that links or buttons are big enough to click on small devices and that they are spaced away from each other to avoid the user clicking on the wrong link by accident.


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